Boiler Maintenance Tips for the Holidays

Boilers play a vital role in keeping the house warm and ensure that hot water is available at any time. This is possible only if the boiler is in good working condition, otherwise it will let you down when you need it. 

Regular boiler maintenance will keep it working perfectly for a long time. Your boiler system is one of the most expensive investments that you make, so maintain it properly to avoid costly & frequent repairs. Remember, a faulty boiler is dangerous for you and your family.

Here are a few boiler maintenance tips that will help you keep warm and safe.

 Annual boiler service

This is the easiest and effective way to increase its lifespan, prevent damage, and ensure the working condition. Many issues can be mitigated or prevented with just a little bit of care. Checking and servicing the boiler regularly will help to keep your heating bills low. Unless you service your boiler every year, you won’t be able to use the manufacturer’s warranty.

Keep the Boiler Ventilated

Boilers need enough space to function properly. If there is additional storage that’s fine, the coats or other items should not hang over the boiler. It has a good 700 mm separation from the wall which ensures the proper working condition of the boiler.

Check Insulation

If the boiler is not insulated properly, the heat will escape thus reducing the boiler’s efficiency. Check that the insulation around the boiler is intact and make sure there are no holes or any weak spots. Insulation is very important so just make sure it is in the boiler.

Keep Your Water Pressure Up

Water pressure plays a crucial role in circulating hot water around the pipes and radiators to keep your living area warm and comfortable. Check the pressure gauge to make sure that the water pressure is at optimum level. It’s possible to adjust the pressure either too low or high. 

Bleed the Radiators

After a long-term usage of a boiler, the air may become trapped in the radiators. Such air pockets will prevent the radiator from operating at full capacity because it can form cold patches. The only way to rid your radiators of these air pockets is by bleeding the radiator. It’s nothing but opening a valve to allow trapped air out. Keep the valve tight, if you loosen it the water can spread out.

Check for Warning Signs

Check for any warning signs, if you notice that there are issues in the working of a boiler, call experts. Early detection of a problem can prevent a lot of troubles.

Getting your boiler serviced annually is a great way to prevent costly repairs. Look out for:

Leaking or dripping from the pipes

Banging noises

Pilot light going out

Whistling noises

Boiler switching itself off

If you smell gas or begin to feel woozy and don’t know why, call emergency services. This could be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak, which could be fatal.

Lag Your Pipes

In the winter, there are risks of frozen pipes and bursting. This can be extremely expensive to fix. You can avoid this by lagging your external pipes. This is an easy and cheap method.